Singapore’s on the Map! Also, I found Myth Drannor…

Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to catch up with Lysa about our community and how we hope to continue to foster great relationships with Shops, DMs, Players and the AL Community-at-large.
Lysa had another surprise up her sleeves. ..
Singapore AL Community, I present to you the first legal copy of DDAL00-02 – Lost Tales of Myth Drannor in Singapore!

CharOp Chronicles: Is the Archer class really made up of archers?

Archery builds have always been incredibly popular in Adventurers League. They’re an easy entry point for players who want to deal damage without worrying too much about setup, gear or resources, are fairly newbie friendly, and well, there’s a certain guilty pleasure to be had in taking out the opposition before they can close with your front liners or downing…

SUNNY with a chance of unreleased CCC – Reflections

It is a most unique feeling to get to do something you love; even more so if you get to do it for a living. This is a blessing that both Calvin and I have had since starting Sunny Pair’O’Dice 8 months ago. We started regular D&D sessions in September, and since that time we have seen a whole community…

A Class Act: Bards

We ran a Bard Masterclass some weeks back, and our lecture notes can be found here. Our next Masterclass on Wizards will be held March 2018, so be sure to turn up if you’d like to learn to play god! :3

Painting Workshops, Bard Masterclasses, oh my!

We bring you two new community workshops on 29 Jan 2018! Together with Games at PI, we’ll be hosting our first “A Class Act” session to help you level up your mastery of the Bard, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition’s most versatile caster! The fine folk at Games@PI will also be conducting a Painting Workshop, where you can learn techniques for preparing, painting,…

Tavern Talks: Checking Egos at the Door – Tips on Managing Your Table

A topic that always comes up when I speak to newer DMs is how to manage the different roles of a DM and at the same time manage the personalities at the table … and still keep the session fun and exciting. Concerns are ever heightened when the DM is running a public AL game. There are no formulae that will guarantee success, but, there are some tips that I use that one can use to achieve the needed goals.