Singapore’s on the Map! Also, I found Myth Drannor…

Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to catch up with #ALAdmin Lysa (@mercyfuldm) about our DDAL Singapore community and how we hope to continue to foster great relationships with Shops, DMs, Players and the AL Community-at-large.

If you missed the feature on our community, you can access it at

As if featuring myself and our little community was not enough, Lysa had another surprise up her sleeves. ..

Without further ado…

Singapore AL Community, I present to you the first (at least I believe it’s the first…) legal copy of DDAL00-02 – Lost Tales of Myth Drannor in Singapore!WIN_20180302_18_14_31_Pro

We are currently planning something special to premiere the adventures in Singapore – so look out for the announcements!

Once again, a big giant shout-out to Lysa for everything!

— Signing Off, DM Petrina. H “Rev”

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