[D&D] DDALSG Fan Fest 2023

We’re excited to announce our next community convention, which will take place on 28-29 Jan 2023!

The DDALSG Community will be hosting our annual D&D themed Fan Fest community celebration together with Neo Tokyo Project and Geekified at *SCAPE Level 5 (2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978), and visitors can expect plenty of Dungeons & Dragons games for everyone whether you’re completely new to the game, or a veteran with multiple Level 20s under your belt!

Games are ticketed, and payment can be made at the door. Ticket sales go towards logistics and venue charges.


What can you expect?

  • Introductory Sessions (2 hours) – Play through a short scenario and learn the basic rules of the game. This activity is ideal for beginners and those curious about D&D.
  • Adventurers League Games (4 hours) – Play through a selection of D&D adventures set in the Forgotten Realms and other fantastical worlds, including stories written by Singapore-based D&D authors.
  • Adventurers League Epics (4 hours) – Team up with everyone else at the event to save the day! An Epic is a multi-table, interactive raid where everyone’s contribution matters!
  • Creator Showcase – We’re introducing a creator’s bazaar at our event! Those who make their own D&D and tabletop RPG-themed art and handicrafts are invited to exhibit with us. If you’re a creator who makes D&D related products, you can register for a bazaar booth with us here.
  • Painting Workshops – Learn to paint D&D miniatures at hands-on workshops. Simply purchase any miniature from the Geekified store to join.

Featured Epic: Stardock Under Siege (DDEP08-02)

An illithid invasion fleet threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!

Fend off (literal) space invaders with other adventurers in this Epic adventure for characters from Level 1 to 16.

Register for a spot here.

Featured Series: Ad Astra (SJ-DC-DD)

Ad Astra is a series of loosely connected Spelljammer adventures for D&D Adventurers League. Traverse the stars in an ancient, arcane locomotive, and experience 12 fresh takes on the spacefaring genre written and produced by bestselling Dungeon Masters Guild authors and international talents from the Dungeon Designers Discord community. Uncover the secrets of the Monad, explore unique and unconventional worlds, and unravel a mystery that spans a millennium!

Experience the first three episodes of this series at the event! More details will be released closer to the event date.

Author Only Adventures

Several author only adventures from the Ad Astra (SJ-DC-DD) series will also be available for play at the event. Spaces for these are limited.

Other D&D Adventures!

More D&D adventures will be added to the list over the next few weeks. Be sure to check out our Warhorn page for the latest updates!

If you wish to help support this event by volunteering as an usher or a DM for one of our introductory sessions, do let us know! You can reach out to us either on Discord, or through email.

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