SUNNY with a chance of unreleased CCC – Reflections

Genuinely smiley faces!
From Left: Kelvin “Nilette” Ho, Sacchi “Rumia” Perry, Jonathan “Sorelle Rose Evenfall” Tan, Nicholas “Nuuld Dell” Goh, DM James Repass, Shao “Enyo Ensa” Han, TH “Marc Starstruck” Soh, Siang “Xornag” Yao, Dave “Alysha” Chua, Wilson “Polybius” Lee, Pearline “Andriene Nalin” Ho, Petrina “Elandorr Galaos” Ho, Yang “Bullenbear” Lin, Fawwaz “Tigger Bounce Best” Muhammad, Darius “Ro” Tay

It is a most unique feeling to get to do something you love; even more so if you get to do it for a living. This is a blessing that both Calvin and I have had since starting Sunny Pair’O’Dice 8 months ago. We started regular D&D sessions in September, and since that time we have seen a whole community grow!

People who come through our doors become patrons at our tavern seeking adventure and excitement.

Sometime last year, James RePass chanced upon our Facebook in December to requested to run a CCC he wrote, we were excited – first as players and then as shopkeeps.

After girl-squealing and celebrating sheer dumb luck, we had to start planning this special event. We had a challenge –  we had too many people we wanted to invite and not enough seats to accommodate everyone. We were resigned to having only having 2 tables and using d20 rolls to make some of our key decisions.

Early in the afternoon on the 11th, players and spectators started trickling; all were  eagerly anticipating the game and all very oddly punctual as well.

No one wanted to miss anything.  Attendance were taken, psyched-up spectators took the place of the poor souls who had to miss the session. Chatter about magic items, character notes, spells, and theories about the upcoming adventure just dominated any conversation. It was a feeling of family and community, as we watch these people come together like this.

The epitome of excitement was when Fawwaz came clad in his ‘Tigger’ onesie, saunter into the shop. I promise you that he could have been the poster boy to describe the entire group’s excitement to play in an unreleased module.

As DM James entered, everyone stared at him for all of 3 seconds, before breaking into nervous chuckles.

Between D&D Tinder in the 1st session and a party consisting of only spell-casters in the 2nd, it was not surprising that hysterical laughter ensued.

Everyone started their adventure with nervous excitement and by the end of it broke out in spontaneous applause and congratulations for a job well done. Players commented positively about their sessions, emphasizing how much they enjoyed their adventure. This, in my opinion ultimately characterises a successful event at Sunny.

To bring it all back, we are most honoured and grateful to have James Repass host his CCC content with us. Additionally, we are extremely blessed to have so many DMs and players to share it with. All this would not have been possible without the love and support the community had shown us since we began.

Thank you! We hope you had as much fun playing the games as we did watching!  We will work harder to have more of these activities organised for you.

Stay and Play <3,

Sunny Pair’O’Dice

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