Lion City Conclave 2022: Event Details & FAQ

We’re excited to be back in the physical DM seat again, and can’t wait to bring everyone Lion City Conclave, an annual community gathering for Singapore’s D&D Adventurers League fans.

1. What is LCC?

Lion City Conclave is a celebration of D&D fandom organized by DDALSG Community, and supported by the many friends, community leaders, and stakeholders in Singapore’s local D&D scene. We first pioneered the event in 2018 as part of a community-wide drive to play D&D for a worthy cause, and worked with local game stores to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore while playing games on their premises.

This year, we’re making LCC 2022 a mini-convention at XM Studios. This is the first physical D&D fan event to take place in Singapore post-pandemic after all, and we hope to start things in a big way!

2. Event Details

Date: 13-14 August 2022

Time: 11 am – 7 pm daily

Venue: XM Studios (809 French Road, #03-31, S200809), Activate @ XM event space next to café.

Fees: All regular games are chargeable at $10 per seat, or $15 per seat for the Epic (all fees collected go towards paying for the venue and logistics charges).

3. Getting There

Nearest MRT Station: EW11 Lavender

Bus Services: 2, 2A, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 63, 80, 107, 107M, 133, 145, 175, 197

4. Event Highlights

This is a Dungeons & Dragons fan community event, and the world’s greatest tabletop roleplaying game is naturally going to be the main highlight!

  • Singapore Authors Showcase (13-14 Aug) – Lion City Conclave is all about our Singapore community, and we’re excited to have local D&D Adventurers League authors at our event! They will be providing visitors with unique game experiences, where you get to explore the stories they have created first-hand!
Play with local authors, and experience these adventures as they’re meant to be run!
  • Corruption in Kryptgarden Epic (14 Aug) – This is Singapore’s first official, sanctioned run of DDEP01 Corruption in Kryptgarden, a Tier 1 (Levels 1 to 4) multi-table adventure that has you, the heroes, venturing deep into a cursed forest to unravel a sinister plot by evil Dragon Cultists and nasty ne’er-do-wells. Epics involve four or more tables playing through different branches of the same story in real time, and players must cooperate with each other to complete objectives that will lead to victory. Brave the forest, battle a dragon, and if you survive, rare loot and glory awaits!
Battle a dragon and win the day in the Epic!
  • Introductory Adventures (13-14 Aug) – Introductory adventures are also available on both days to ease new players into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Play with an experienced game master, who will teach you the basics of D&D and help you get started with the game. Look out for sessions marked as Introductory adventures in the adventure description on Warhorn!
  • Merchandise Booths (13-14 Aug) – Purchase Dungeons & Dragons books and game products, dice, miniatures from the Geekified store at friendly prices, and artisanal crafts from community creators.
  • D&D Diorama (13-14 Aug) – Geekified has immortalized one of the iconic scenes from Singapore’s most popular Epic – The Red War, and this dynamic, action-packed and intricate diorama will be on display at the event for photo taking opportunities.
  • Painting Workshops (13-14 Aug) – Learn to paint D&D miniatures with the Geekified team! Purchase your own miniature from the Geekified store at the event, or make a minimum donation of $5 to Causes for Animals (Singapore) at their unmanned collection box to receive a miniature from the donor’s minis box (while stocks last). This activity is graciously supported by Mint TCG.
  • Play for a Good Cause (14 Aug) – Get a reroll certificate for the Epic (which entitles you to reroll a single d20 roll during the Epic) if you make a minimum donation of $2 to Causes for Animals (Singapore) through either their website, or the unmanned collection box placed at our event. Players that make a minimum donation of $10 or more will also receive a unique magic item certificate that you can use on any of your D&D Adventurers League characters.

5. Register to Play!

Everyone is welcome to visit and spectate, but if you wish to play, you must be registered with us on Warhorn. Check out our Warhorn Quickstart Guide if you need help with this!

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Is there anything I need to bring with me?

Feel free to also bring along some writing materials (a pen or pencil and some paper), a set of polyhedral dice if you already own some, and a miniature that represents your character if you have one. You’re also encouraged to bring some extra money to pay for your seat at the event, of if you wish to purchase merchandise during the show.

Dice sets, game accessories and miniatures are also available for sale at the event.

b) I’m new to D&D (or Adventurers League). Do I need to have my own character/make a character for the game?

If this is the first time you’re playing Adventurers League with us, don’t worry. We have ready-to-play, pregenerated characters that you can use. You simply need to pick one that appeals to you, and you can join a Tier 1 (Level 1 to 4) game with the character immediately.

c) I would like to make my own character. What are the rules for that?

Adventurers League requires you to make a character using a standardized set of shared rules used at all Adventurers League events around the world. More information about this set of rules is available at [here].

d) I am attending with friends, and we would like to play together. Can you help?

Absolutely. To help us make this an even better experience, be sure to register for the same time slot and adventure if you would like to play together! As seats are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis, be sure to have all your friends register for the same game, and as quickly as you can, to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to be seated together for the Corruption in Kryptgarden Epic (on 14 Aug), be sure to inform us early (via email or through Discord) so we can make the arrangements!

e) How many games can I register for?

As many as you want? There are two slots for games each day, and you’re welcome to play if there’s an open spot! Just remember to register, and pay at the counter before the game begins!

f) How much are games?

Each regular game is chargeable at $10 for a seat. Seats for the Epic are chargeable at $15 each (each Epic seat includes one free reroll).

g) I would like to help out at the event. Who should I speak to?

We are still recruiting volunteer DMs to run introductory games on 13 August. If you would like to help out at the event to spread the love and joy of Dungeons & Dragons to others, do drop us an email through our [contact form] or message one of our admins on [Discord]! We would love to hear from you!

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