Dungeons & Distancing


We’re rolling out more activities on our Discord server in light of the health situation and Singapore’s Covid-19 Circuit Breaker measures, which begin 7 April 2020.

We welcome all D&D fans and enthusiasts to join us on our Discord server, where DMs in our community will be hosting online games. Games will be played in our Discord chat rooms, with added virtual tabletop support using Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds as necessary.

Introductory games for beginners will also be held once every week, so come secure your slots!

Moving forward, we will also be doing a digital games day in April, and hosting webinars to help you level up your game as a DM and player.

If you’d like to play, make sure you register for activities on Warhorn. If you’re a DM and you want to host games on our server, do let us know too!

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