The Red War: A Background


Come 13 October, Mulmaster will burn, adventurers will rally to it’s defense. Some will live, and some will die. But what caused The Red War? What sparked this cataclysmic battle between the five factions and the Red Wizards of Thay?

As with all things that transpire in the Realms, one need only sift through history to find out (and just as often, you’ll discover that it’s a gnome that’s to blame).


The Red War takes place in the year 1492, just shortly after DDEP07-02 “Drums of the Dead” and the ending of the Death Curse in Chult.

The gnome wizard Tick Tary Tanner called upon the five factions to declare war upon Thay, and to uproot their influence in Mulmaster in an act that would come to be known as the [Shadowtop Declaration].

As the factions deliberated on this declaration, assassins sent by the Thaymount attacked Tanner and slew him. The Order of the Gauntlet saw this as just cause, and pledged their support for the Enclave’s actions. The Harpers were splintered, with some choosing to reveal themselves in open defiance of Thay, and the Zhentarim offered their blades to those who would pay the most coin.

The Lords’ Alliance cautioned against war, urging instead for mediation and a diplomatic solution, but the situation began to rapidly spiral out of control with neither those for or against the war willing to back down.

The City of Danger is once again caught in the middle of a brewing crisis, and this forms the backdrop for DDEP00-01 “The Red War” at GameStart 2018.


Mulmaster has come a long way since the events of [Mulmaster Undone], where a good part of the city was laid waste to by the devastation orbs of the Elemental Cults.

The Thayans offered Mulmaster aid in controlling the elemental rifts and rebuilding what was left of the city, appearing for all intents and purposes to be kindly benefactors.  

Players can adventure through these curious times, experiencing Mulmaster as it were before The Red War happens by playing the following modules: 

  • DDEX02-15 Black Heart of Vengeance – Blade Cora Peytir seeks to protect her family and weed out the influence of the elemental cults that still abounds in the city. 
  • DDEX02-04 Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines – A sword belonging to a previous High Blade of Mulmaster is recovered and with it, the trapped soul of his twin brother – Selfaril Uoumdolphin. 
  • DDEX02-14 Sword of Selfaril – Adventurers gather support for Selfaril Uoumdolphin in Mulmaster and he deposes Jaseen Drakehorn in a duel, becoming High Blade once more. 
  • DDAL00-01 Window to the Past – Zulkir of Enchantment Dar’lon Ma asks adventurers to aid him in investigating ancient Netherese ruins recently uncovered after the events of Mulmaster Undone. 
  • CCC-RPSG-01 Ooze There – A former adventurer prepares to unleash an ancient evil beneath the city as revenge for Mulmaster’s failures and corruption.
  • CCC-SFBay-02-01 Old Enemies Arise – Enemies of Thay begin to interfere with the Red Wizards’ interests in Mulmaster, hindering the city’s trade routes. 
  • DDEP07-02 Drums of the Dead – Szass Tam takes advantage of a newly created zombie plague to attack Port Nyanzaru and conquer Chult, but is thwarted by the efforts of adventurers. 
  • DDAL07-15 to DDAL07-18 Season 7 Tier 4 Adventures – The Red Wizards seek out the shards of the Soulmonger at the bidding of Szass Tam, who intends to use it for some nefarious end. 

DMs in our community will be running some of the above modules, as well as other adventures set in the City of Danger, especially those that grant Story Awards that tie players to the city. 

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