Oracle of War Player Created NPCs

These NPCs were created through a collaborative process with the players during DDAL-EB-01 The Night Land.

They have been archived here for DMs to utilize as storytelling devices.

1. Xaros the Great

An eccentric dwarf from Clan Soldarak, this ruin delving sage first made the acquaintance of the adventurers when they rescued him from a trap of his own devising.

His pate is covered with scraggly tufts of wild, orange hair, while his wispy whiskers are braided with strange bits of rune-carved rock. He wears a coat of thick, black fur he claims is the hide of a displacer beast, and is wont to hold a conversation every now and then with the pink stuffed cat thrust into his breast pocket he has dubbed “Mittens”.

While Xaros’s epithet seems to be every bit as ill-fitting as his garb, some say his greatness cannot be underestimated. After all, he’s surprisingly perceptive, and there are even whispers that he is capable of communicating with the mad creatures of Xoriat.

Is this truth or fiction? Who can say?

Players who want to draw inspiration from the character of Xaros the Great can consider pairing the eldritch magics of the Daelkyr (as exemplified by the Great Old One) with knowledge of ancient Lore, picking magic that manipulates the mind and space.

2. Myrik d’Kundarak

Myrik d’Kundarak was once a wealthy industrialist, but his career hit rock bottom when the airship he had invested in exploded in the skies above Wroat.

Never one to keep his feet on the ground, he sold his estate in Sharn and traipsed to Salvation to restore his fortunes (or so he claims). Thus far, he has sponsored several scavenger bands, with the Gray Dogs being the latest. The adventurers are recruited into the Gray Underdogsto run errands in his stead while the Gray Dogs are out in the Mournland.

To remind himself of his aspirations, Myrik wears a tuxedo everywhere he goes. His graying hair is neatly coifed and tucked under the brim of a satin stovepipe hat fully twice his height, while his handlebar moustache is immaculately waxed and teased outwards and upwards. He wears Pince-nez glasses rimmed in gold, and carries a cane topped with a gaudy ornament in the shape of a grinning monkey.

Perhaps most peculiar are his platform shoes – made of suede, with six-inch heels that some have observed add a distinct spring to his step.

Players who hold Myrik in high esteem might see in him a capable Battlesmith Artificer. His top hat might be infused to hold his belongings, several changes of clothes and his mechanical poodle companion, while his glasses might allow him to notice the tiniest detail. His boots can enhance his movement, and his cane might conceal a sword blade.  

3. Swordmistress Arondite

Boon companions on the road can become boon companions for life. That’s how the adventurers met Arondite, a Swordmistress from the Valenar on a training pilgrimage to hone her techniques and to honor the sacred weapons of her ancestors.

She stopped in Salvation to secure more funds for her journey, and has taken to escorting missions into the Gray as a bodyguard for coin.

Her sandy hair is cut short, and she has a hardened cast to her almond colored eyes. Her garb is practical – a shapeless, tan cloak that obscures the full size of her frame and hides the black mesh of chain links and finely tooled leather underneath, and slung across her back in a scabbard is a pair of ornate scimitars engraved with the songs of her ancestors that can be linked at the pommels into a double blade.

Yet perhaps the most striking item of her ensemble is the bright red scarf that covers the lower half of her face – a scarf said to be dyed in the blood of enemies cut by her scimitars. It’s impossible to separate truth from rumor; no one who has crossed blades with her has lived to tell the tale.

Players who want to embrace the Valenar heritage might consider Arondite an exemplary student of war – a battlemaster, or even a paladin versed in numerous blade arts and devoted to mastering the double scimitar. 

4. Lukas Karrison Dorran

Working with the criminal underworld of Sharn, one tends to make enemies. So it was for Lukas Karrison Doran, a down-on-his-luck fence who found himself on the run from the darker elements of the city’s authorities.

Seeking to recoup his losses, Lukas fled to the lawless frontier of Salvation, finding himself in the company of mercenaries and scavengers, recruiting those he had met in past dealings to aid him. A man of wit and suave charm, Lukas has managed to ingratiate himself amongst the Salvage Brokers of the town. Within the town, he has gained a reputation as someone willing and capable of moving good that no other brokers are willing to touch.

Despite his fall in standing from the towers of Sharn, Lukas still dresses with style, often seen wearing a sleek blue vest and an embroidered yellow cravat. His hair is a point of pride, silky smooth and reaching his waist yet kept immaculately clean despite the rough environs of the frontier.

Players who have been swayed by Lukas’ boyish charm, fast patter, and cunning mind might recognize the makings of a Rogue or Bard within him. His sharp tongue and the gnomish disposition towards illusions could see him as an Arcane Trickster, or perhaps his shady past might have involved more dubious work under certain organizations. While he would never admit to being an Assassin, Lukas knows his way around a blade.


Once a purpose-built concierge aboard House Orien’s more exclusive lightning rail services, Broodfist has built many connections with adventurers over his long service.

An outgoing and pleasant Warforged, Broodfist enjoys the company of others, intruding into their personal space and announcing his intent loudly for all to hear. With a personality larger than his oversized chassis, the overbearing presence of Broodfist can be felt the moment he enters a room.

Searching for a purpose after the war, Broodfist found his large size and enhanced musculature being put to good use with the salvage crews of Salvation, arms previously used for handling large amounts of luggage now used to bring righteous fury upon the abominations of the Mournland.

Broodfist is easy to spot in a crowd, not only is he a massive Warforged, but he bears a distinctive set of golden spikes running along his head and lower back. His body is clad in heavy plating, still etched with the designation of the rail-cars he once manned, along with a serial number and designation. While he has left the bonds of servitude behind, Broodfist still carries their marks. Both on his chassis and in his mind.

Players who have endeared themselves to the gregarious giant Broodfist might see him as a being of extremes, pleasant and honest to a fault most of the time, but capable of a mighty rage should his friends come under harm’s way. With his prodigious strength, he would make an excellent Berserker, or perhaps his need to protect others might fuel him with the faith and strength of character needed for him to fulfil a role as a Paladin.

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