Lion City Conclave 2019



Come 31 Dec 2019, we’ll be holding our Annual Games Day with the support of multiple stores in our network.

This activity aims to promote greater friendship, solidarity and celebrate the bonds in our adventuring community through play, even as we countdown to the New Year.

Expect lots of thrills and spills as DMs bring you through CCC-RPSG-02 Ooze Next?, where brave heroes from Faerun plunge into a deadly conspiracy and the machinations of a sinister cult.

Scavengers and sellswords in Eberron can experience the Mournland and the mysteries of old Cyre as they boldly trudge into the Gray. What dangers await within the roiling fog, and what secrets do the Oracle of War hold?

Cap off your day with the first Eberron Epic, as forces from the wicked Emerald Claw power up an ancient Warforged Colossus and send it against the town. Mount your defense, and work with your fellows to fell The Iron Titan!

Sign-ups are available at your closest game store. Check out their Warhorn for more details.

1) Games@PI –

2) SPOD –

Participants are also eligible to purchase an exclusive certificate unique to the event with every sign-up.

This certificate is limited only to Lion City Conclave 2019, and rewards you with a Merlion Familiar you can summon with the Find Familiar spell. The familiar was developed with the help of the AL Admins, and has special abilities.

You’ll never quite find another like it, so get it while stocks last. 😉

What’s more, profits from the sale of this certificate and the Epic will be given by the stores to a worthy cause.

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