Ramping up to Season 9

It’s almost time for the new season, and we’ve decided to spice things up a little here in sunny Singapore by working with stores in our network to reward players who wish to create new, thematically appropriate characters for coming Descent into Avernus.


1. More Roleplaying & Storytelling Challenges

In these past tendays, you have felt a quickening in the blood, and often, you wake with a throbbing ache between your shoulder blades after recurring dreams of battle, dreams of flight. In these fevered visions, the land beneath you is a fiery hellscape rife with conflict, where faceless angels hover, and twisted devils clash. YOU are an Aasimar or Tiefling in Season 9, and these night time stirrings call to your extraplanar heritage.

We love telling stories, and we love hearing them. With Season 9, we want YOU to tell us all about the Winged Aasimar or Tiefling characters you’re creating for the new season.

We want to encourage AL players in our community to create a brand new Aasimar or Tiefling character with wings (as per Season 9 guidance in the ALPG).

You’ll start at Level 1, so tell us more about your backstory, how you came into your celestial or infernal power, and where you intend to stand in the cosmic conflict.

Be as inventive as possible. In the weeks to come, we’ll also be sharing lore snippets about the Blood War, the Outer Planes, and other interesting elements that will help you spin a heroic tale.

All participants in this backstory activity will receive a single point of Inspiration, which you can use when playing this character at any DDALSG supported store (if the character doesn’t already have one. This does not stack with Renown rewards).

Additionally, five entries chosen by our DDALSG Community team will also receive a mystery prize each.

To participate in this activity, you must adhere to the following:

Activity Rules

  1. Build a brand new Season 9 legal AL character. Your character MUST be either an Aasimar or Tiefling. (In Season 9, Aasimar and Winged Tiefling characters are not subject to the +1 rule).
  2. You MUST later acquire your wings (as per Season 9 guidance in the ALPG) when you attain Level 5.
  3. Create your backstory (approximately 1 page), and submit it to the DDALSG Community admin team at http://bit.ly/ddalsgs9char before Season 9 begins.
  4. The DDALSG Community admin team will pick 5 entries to receive a prize
  5. When Season 9 begins, play and level this character! Let your character’s heroic exploits echo across the Planes!


2. Community Leaderboards

In the clash between forces Celestial and Infernal, YOU are the lynchpin. When Season 9 comes, your brand new character is the hero. YOUR contributions can tip the scales for either side.

We want to drive more involvement and interaction in the community, and are working with stores in our network and the DMs who run games at those stores to do so.

We want you to:

  1. Identify whether your brand new character supports the Celestial or Infernal cause in #oath-of-allegiance on the DDALSG Discord server.
  2. Each time this brand new character completes a Season 9 adventure (or a chapter of the Avernus Hardcover) without DYING, you contribute a Victory Point to either the Celestial or Infernal side that will be recorded on the Leaderboard.
  3. Click through to our Google Form at http://bit.ly/ddalsgs9, and fill in the required details to log this Victory Point.
  4. At the end of each week, we will tally up the points accrued by players, and whichever side has more Victory Points will begin play with 1 point of Inspiration the first time they sit down to a game at a DDALSG supported store in the following week (if the character doesn’t already have one. This does not stack with Renown rewards).
  5. At the end of Season 9, we will have a surprise for players that joined the winning side too!

We are also currently conducting our Annual Census for D&D Adventurers League players in Singapore.

Participate in the Census here.

Do help us complete the Census. Your feedback will help us curate and design better experiences for the community in the coming year!

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